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Sarah Bing’s talent for the arts became apparent at a young age. Her affinity for painting was further developed and enhanced when she entered Fine Arts studies at the University of Calgary. This culminated in 2002 when she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with distinction.

Using her technical skills of shape, form, colour and space, Sarah’s fluid application of paint to canvas gives life to virtually any subject matter. With her unique style, she’s discovered a way for realism and abstraction to exist, passionately intertwined on one canvas. Her work displays a depth and sense of excitement so unique, that it is impossible to turn away without experiencing considerable visual impact.

Past inspirations have come from her travels and time spent in large metropolitan centres, such as Toronto and New York. However, most of her present inspiration comes from the unexpected vibrancy of every day life.

In November 2010, Sarah was awarded a prestigious commission from the Calgary Bar Association. This piece now adorns the 52 foot back wall of the Ceremonial Courtroom in Calgary’s Court Centre.